B Love Network Private Key Recovery

So you have lost your B Love Network private key and you want to know how to rectify this situation? You have just visited the B Love Network private key recovery guide and you will solve your issue for sure now. There is no need to worry as I have a complete process for all the users who have lost or forgotten their private keys. If you want to download the B Love app then you can download it here.

A private key is a set of random words and digits that every user gets during the registration process of B-Love Network. You should keep this key in a secure place to avoid this situation. However, this is a guide for you to recover from this issue.

How to Recover B-Love Network Private Key?

Follow this guide if you want to recover your lost key in no time. Make sure you do not have to reset your phone. If you have then there is no way to recover your key.

  1. Go to your File Manager on your Android phone.
    • -فون پر فائل منیجر میں جائیں Android اپنے
  2. From here, you need to navigate to Phone Storage.
    • -کو جانے کی ضرورت ہوگی “Storage”یہاں سے آپ کو فون کے
  3. Locate your Download folder and open it.
    • اپنے ڈاؤن لوڈ فولڈر کو تلاش کریں اور اسے کھولیں۔
  4. Here you will see the B-Love Network folder so tap on it.
    • یہاں آپ کو بی لو نیٹ ورک فولڈر دکھائی دے گا، تو اس پر ٹیپ کریں۔
  5. Find the PDF file that will have the name “privateKey.pdf”.
    • -فائل تلاش کریں”privateKey.pdf” نام کا PDF
  6. This is your private key PDF file where you can get your key.
    • کی پی ڈی ایف فائل ہے جہاں سے آپ اپنی “کی” حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔“private key”یہ آپ کی

If you have changed your phone or reset it then you can not recover the key. So always make sure that you have downloaded and saved the PDF file during the registration process.

What is a Private Key?

What is a Private Key

Every crypto wallet and app must have some kind of security to avoid fund loss. In the case of B-Love Network, the company has a private key security system that protects the user’s data and funds.

A private key that looks like “g56dh29kjs02bv651nbc54oH76489JK0” that you can see is a set of random numbers and letters. Every user gets a unique key on the signup process. However, you need to save this key in a safe place like taking a photo of your key and saving it on your phone.

The function of this private key is to give access to the app upon providing it during the login process. If you do not have a key then simply you can not login to your account.

How to Download and Save Private Key?

It is very necessary for a user to download and save the private key as without this key a user can lose all of his funds. This is a very crucial thing and every user needs to take it very seriously. Here I will show you how you can save your private key so that it will not be lost in the future. So read my tips below:

  • Take a Photo: The best thing is to take a photo of your key and save it on your phone.
  • Write in a Diary: If you have a secret diary then you can write your key in that diary so that it will not be lost.
  • Make a Photocopy: You can also take a photocopy of your private key and then keep that copy in a safe place.
  • Save the PDF: The PDF file is a compulsory thing that the app also provides. So never forget to save your PDF file on your phone.


So here we have it. The conclusion of this guide is that you should always save your private key’s PDF file when you are joining the network. Also, use my pro tips to save your key and keep it safe for future logins. However, if you have lost your key and you do not have a PDF file then you only need to make a new account and that’s it.

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