B-Love Token (BLV)

B-Love Network is offering a native token that is called B-Love Token or BLV. The token is based on a blockchain called BFIC Blockchain. It is a project of Innovation Factory and it is a staking token. The hype of cryptocurrency is on the edge and there are many people who want to earn with crypto. That is why the BLV token offers a way to earn money online using the B-Love Network app.

All you need to do is stake your BLV tokens for 500 days and get 5x rewards in return. Suppose you want to invest 100 dollars then your $100 would become $500 in 500 days and you do not need to do anything. With the B-love network update, you can now swap your BLV tokens with USDT or any other coin.

What is B-Love Token (BLV) and What is the Use of It?

What is B-Love Token (BLV)

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency then you must know about Bitcoin. Similar to Bitcoin, the BLV token is a cryptocurrency. It has its own blockchain and network. Currently, the only way to get this token is either you take part in ITO or you can get it from staking.

The token is based on a staking mechanism. Staking is a process in the world of crypto where a coin or token is held for some specific time and during this time a holder can not sell or trade it. The staking rewards the holders in the form of the same tokens or coins. 

Staking is necessary for crypto as it helps other users to trade and swap their tokens for other coins. The staking holders provide their tokens as a gas fee and transaction fee so other users can translate their tokens. And in return, they get a reward.

BLV Token Price July 2023 (बी लव नेटवर्क प्राइस)

$0.06 is the current price of the BLV token. The price of B Love token rises on every burn that happens every month. The 10% of the supply of BLV keeps burning every month so the price is increasing. Also, there is a debate on whether a love network is real or fake on social media so you should know that you need to take things seriously. 

How to Buy B-Love Tokens Online?

You can buy or trade B-Love tokens online using the app B-Love Network of XchangeOn exchange. The new version of the B-Love Network app offers a swapping option that you can use to buy or sell the BLV tokens. If you want to know how to use this feature to swap the tokens then read this guide:

Buy BLV Tokens from Swapping

  1. Open your B-Love App.
  2. Tap on Wallets.
  3. Here you will see three options in a row, Deposit, Swap, and Withdraw.
  4. Tap on the Swap option.
  5. Now choose an asset to swap from the below asset options like USDT, BUSD, BNB, and BTC.
  6. Also, choose the other asset that you want to get in return or swapping.
  7. Tap on the Proceed button now.
  8. And swap your tokens.
  9. You can swap USDT to get BLV tokens at the current price.

Buy BLV Tokens from your Line User

If you do not want to get BLV tokens from the swapping option then you can contact your upline user and ask him/her to sell you BLV tokens. He/She will ask for your BLV token deposit address and you will get tokens.

Buy B-Love Token from XchangeOn

In case you do not know about XchangeOn then it is a cryptocurrency trading and exchanging platform where users can buy, sell, and trade with their tokens. This is also a project of Innovation Factory which is also offering a B-Love Network project.

So follow these steps and buy or sell your tokens on XchangeOn easily:

Buy B-Love Token from XchangeOn
  1. Download and install the XchnageOn app on your Android phone.
  2. Now create your account and do your KYC (Know your Customer) verification.
  3. After the successful KYC verification, you can now use this app to buy or sell the BLV tokens.
  4. Deposit fiat currency in your account and buy a stable coin like USDT or BUSD to trade it with a BLV token.
  5. Now trade and get your BLV tokens and send them to your B-Love app if you want to stake them and get 5x rewards.

Get Free 100 BLV Tokens on SignUp with Referral Code

If you want to get free BLV tokens then the only way is to use our referral code and get 100 free B Love Tokens when you register a new account. With the B Love network referral code, you do not need to buy the tokens to stake them as you will get them for free on the B Love network sign-up.

After the signup, login to your account and get your free rewards instantly. You can stake these rewarded tokens and get 500% ROI after 500 days of staking.

How To Stake B Love Tokens?

If you have B Love tokens and you want to stake then you can do it using the staking feature of the B Love app. The process is very simple indeed.

  1. Open the B Love Network app and tap on the stake BLV button on the home screen.
  2. Now here you need to enter the amount of BLV tokens that you want to stake.
  3. After typing the right amount, tap on the Stake Amount button and that’s it.

Note: Once a user has staked BLV tokens the process can not be undone. After that, the user must wait for 500 days so the staking period will be over, and then the user will get 5x rewards in the form of 500% more BLV tokens.


What is a BLV token?

 A BLV token is a short name for B-Love Token that is based on a BFIC Blockchain. It is a token of the B-Love Network app.

How to earn B-Love tokens for free?

You can earn free BLV tokens by referring your friends and colleagues. Also, if you will join this network with a referral code then you can also earn 100 free tokens for just one time.

How to send B-Love tokens to MetaMask?

You can store and swap BLV tokens on MetaMask as well. Just add the token address on MetaMask and then send them via the withdrawal process.

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