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B Love Network is a program that is based on the BFIC blockchain. This blockchain has many other tokens like BFICoin and BLV tokens. The basic definition of this blockchain is as follows:

BFIC is a blockchain or a computer network that holds many crypto tokens. It helps to create a big, global community where investors can trade and do business without any limitations. It’s like combining the best parts of different computers to make it work really well and be safe. It can also talk to other computer systems, like the one called Ethereum, so they can work together smoothly.

In this guide, we will learn about blockchain technology and how this whole system works. So let’s start the tour.

What is BFICoin?


BFIC is a blockchain platform that uses a method called “proof-of-stake,” and its own special coin is called BFICoin. It is a crypto token that people can trade for fiat money. If you are new to crypto then this is digital money that has no physical existence but value. You must have heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum so these are also crypto coins. Similar to Bitcoin, BFICoin is also the same thing. It has a value to trade so users can sell them and get fiat currency in exchange.

What is a BFIC Blockchain?

A blockchain is a technology that stores the data and information of digital transactions of specific crypto tokens. It is like a special digital notebook or ledger that keeps track of important information. But instead of being stored in one place, it is copied and shared across many computers all over the world.

Think of a blockchain as a special notebook that you and your friends share. Whenever someone wants to write something in it, everyone has to agree that it’s right before it gets written down. Once it’s written, nobody can change or erase it. This way, everyone can look at the notebook and trust that the information inside is true because all your friends have the exact same notebook with the same information in it.

So BFIC Blockchain is a layer 2 solution with an Ethereum fork. For example, imagine the Ethereum blockchain as a big highway where people can send and receive money (like coins) and do other special things. Now, a “fork” is like a new road that splits off from the main highway. This new road is called the “BFIC Blockchain.”

The BFIC Blockchain is not just an ordinary road; it’s a special one that connects back to the main Ethereum highway. This connection allows people to use their special money, called BFICoin, on both the new road and the main Ethereum highway.

Now, here’s the exciting part! The BFIC Blockchain is like a layer 2 solution, which means it’s designed to make things faster and more efficient. It’s like using a super-fast bike lane beside the main road. This makes it easier for people to send and receive money quickly, and it also helps to record transactions faster and more securely.

So, to sum it up: BFIC Blockchain is a new road connected to the Ethereum highway, and it makes transactions faster and more efficient using BFICoin as a special type of money. It’s like having a super-speedy bike lane for your money on the blockchain highway!

How BFIC is Related to B-Love Network?

If you are using the B-Love Network app then you must know that you have to pay a gas fee in terms of BIFCoin when you transfer your BLV tokens from one wallet to another. So yes, they have a deep connection. The BFICoin and BLV tokens both use the same blockchain.

BFIC Network Real or Fake?

That’s an important question. If you want to make some investments in this coin then you must be aware that it is real or fake. So let’s find out is legit or not:

Any legit and real coin will have a use case. If a token does not offer any use case then we call it a meme coin or sometimes even a shit coin. That simply means the coin has no value to serve the crypto industry and will sink soon. In the case of BFIC, we can see that this coin has the following use cases:

  • Security is one of the first factors when it comes to a valid blockchain and thus BIFC is offering the best modular and optional security.
  • The compatibility with all other blockchains is also very good so it can expand easily.
  • Users can use this blockchain to get an interoperability adaptor for combining two or more blockchains.


The price of BFICoin is continuously changing. So users can check the real-time price on XchangeOn easily. If you want to know the latest price of BIFC then you need to download the XchangeOn app on your smartphone. Also, if you want to convert BFIC to any coin, you can use the swapping feature of LoveWallet as well.

Is BFIC Cryptocurrency on Blockchain?

Yes, BFIC is on the blockchain. And you should know that any type of cryptocurrency will have a native blockchain like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BCS). The crypto tokens are based on these blockchains and users can use these blockchains to do transactions and mine new tokens as well.

What coins are similar to BFIC?

Here is the list of coins that are similar to BFIC in terms of market cap.

  • Lego Coin
  • Ferzan
  • IOEX
  • AirCoin
  • Shrekt
  • Akropolis Delphi
  • Kermit
  • Olaf Token


So this is all about BFICoin and Blockchain technology. I have written it in a very simple manner so a 5th-grade student can understand this technology. If you understand it then let me know in the comment section. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me anytime. 

Thanks for reading this well-researched guide.

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