How Long Do Crochet Braids Last? [Answered]

Everyone wants to know about crochet braids and how long do crochet braids last? If you are going to adopt this braid style and wonder how long this hairstyle will last, you need to read this post.
Crochet braids are a form of hair extension, and with hair extensions, it is always about the quality and type of hair extension you use in your hairstyle.

The name crochet braids come from the technique used to apply these braids in your own natural (relaxed or permed) hair. This technique helps add volume and length to your hair. If you are not a fan of straightened hair then this hairstyle is best for you.

How long does crochet braids last?

How Long Does Crochet Braids Last

Crochet braids can last anywhere from eight weeks up to six months or more if you take good care of your crochet braids extensions. Since this hairstyle involves heavy-duty chemicals in your own natural hair, you should get regular touch-ups done by a professional at least every 10-12 weeks.

If you are just transitioning to crochet braids, you should wait for your hair to grow long enough because crocheting heavy-duty hair extensions to short hair can affect the natural hair structure underneath. You also need to factor in how fast your own hair grows and factor that into the number of touch-ups you need to do every 10-12 weeks.

Since crochet braids are a form of hair extension, you need to be willing to invest time and money into your own unique head of hair. Besides the braid styles themselves, you also need to invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for chemically treated hair or color-treated hair to help you maintain and retain your crochet braids.

How to maintain the crochet braids for a long time?

You need to follow the crochet braid caring tips properly if you want to make them last longer.
You must be thinking that washing your hair braids with shampoo is a hard task, but there is a tip that you can follow.

  1. Dilute your favorite shampoo into lukewarm water and run it through your head or scalp
  2. In this way, your scalp and hair will get in contact with shampoo and thus clean your hair and scalp completely
  3. Now grab your hair conditioner and add mix it in water so you can also run this solution through your braids and scalp
  4. Once done, you need to dry your hair properly
  5. Don’t use a towel to dry your hair; rather, let it air dry

What are the different crochet braid styles?

There is a large variety of crochet braid styles, and these include:

  • Updo Crochet Braids: This style involves crocheting braids close to the hairline and can be used as an updo hairstyle for weddings, proms, and other events. You can use twists instead of individual braids, or you can also create a fishtail braid or use box braids.
  • Half Up Crochet Braids: If you are not keen on getting full crochet braids, then the half up crochet braids look might be for you. This style involves crocheting braids only at the crown area of your head braiding to just below your ears, leaving the rest of your hair-free.
  • Afro crochet braids: This is the most popular crochet braid style for African American women. This style involves crocheting individual box braids all over your head with the option of adding twists along with them or leaving your hair loose like dreadlocks; this classic style is very versatile and can be worn anywhere at any time making it a favorite for African American women.
  • Crochet twists: This style involves crocheting individual sections of box braids or twists and then twisting them together from one end all the way to the other side, making the twists lie next to each other until you reach your desired length. You can also use this style as an updo hairstyle or create a ponytail or side bun using crochet twists.
  • Bantu knot crochet braids: This style is similar to the afro crochet braid style, but instead of crocheting individual box braids, you use your own natural hair and twist them into Bantu knots all over your head, then secure them with an elastic band, this style is also very versatile and can be worn as an updo, or you can create a ponytail or side bun using the Bantu knots.

Are crochet braids damaging to the hair?

Many women with naturally kinky curly hair tend to avoid crochet braids because they are not sure if it will be the right thing for them or not, but after doing some research on how long do crochet braids last, you might change your mind. One of the main concerns that many African American women have is whether crochet braids will damage their hair or not, and the answer to this is yes, crochet braids will damage your hair if you don’t take proper care of them.

The best way to protect your natural hair from damage while wearing crochet braids is to ensure that you maintain a good moisture balance in your hair before installing the braid weave, so it doesn’t dry out while you are wearing the hair.

Another tip is to make sure that you moisturize your hair at least once a day, if not more while wearing crochet braids; this will help your hair retain its moisture and thus avoid breakage.

You should also avoid sleeping on any kind of material like polyester pillow because it might damage your natural kinky curls; instead, make sure that you sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or any other material that will not damage your hair.

If your crochet braids are too tight, make sure to take them out asap; otherwise, it might also lead to traction alopecia which results in thinning and balding of the hair.

Can you get crochet braids wet?

Although crochet braid styles are easy to maintain, you should not get them wet while still in your hair; however, there is a way of going around this. Once the braids start to loosen, and it’s safe for you to go out in public without revealing what style of hairstyle you have under the braid weave, then you can get your hair wet without being worried.

One thing you should note is that it’s not safe to use conditioner when you are wearing crochet braids because it might loosen them up too much, and they can fall off your head; this is why you should always use only water to moisten your hair while wearing crochet braids if possible.


Crochet braids last very much depending on the person wearing them; if you make sure to care for your hair while wearing them, they can last up to three months or even more.

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