How Long Does Botox Last? [Answered]

Botox is a brand name for Onobotulinumtoxin A, a purified form of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria neurotoxin. It is a purified protein that is injected into muscles and used for wrinkle reduction, hyperhidrosis, migraine headaches, and other medical conditions.

The least longing for Botox depends on the area that is injected and on the muscles around it. Moreover, other aspects may influence the last longing for Botox, such as lifestyle and genetics.
Understanding how long does Botox last in each area is important to achieve good results.

Does it really depend on the dose? The answer is yes. Small doses will offer a shorter-lasting effect than larger doses; however, we cannot define an exact time span because it will also depend on the muscles.

How long does Botox last?

How long does botox last

According to Healthline, Botox can last for 6 months. However, other factors will determine the long-lasting of Botox, such as age, wrinkle depth, lifestyle, and genetics. In order to have a lasting effect, Botox needs to be injected in areas where wrinkles are prominent such as forehead lines, crow’s feet, or between the eyebrows.

The muscles that are injected will also determine how long does Botox last. For instance, using it on your forehead will affect the muscles responsible for your forehead wrinkles, and Botox can last for 3 to 9 months.

On the other hand, if the muscle is not the one responsible for wrinkle production, then it will wear off faster, and that is why we see a shorter lasting of Botox on the underarm area.

How many times do you need to be injected?

The number of injections needed depends on the area that is being treated, how many muscles are involved, and on the individual. However, for specific areas such as forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet, it may require one injection per muscle to achieve the goal of wrinkle reduction. In general, you need to wait for 4-6 months before you get another shot of Botox.

Another factor influencing the number of injections is a lifestyle; Botox wears off with time, but if you have a good lifestyle and stop producing the facial expression that creates wrinkles, it may increase the lasting time.

In other areas, such as underarm, you will not need more than 3 injections in a year.

How to make Botox last longer?

This is true that after every Botox treatment, the long-lasting of this filler will start to increase. So it means each time you get a new injection of Botox, it will start to increase from that point on. Therefore, in order to increase the lasting time of the Botox injections, you need to take care of your muscles involved and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, there is no set rule for how long does Botox last because it will depend mainly if the area being injected is not the one responsible for wrinkle production. Moreover, below are some tips that will help you to make it last longer.

Do not Smoke

If you are a smoker, then it is highly recommended to stop as smoking can affect the muscles around your wrinkles, and Botox injections will not last as long.

Healthy lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activities and proper nutrition. This not only boosts metabolism but also helps in increasing the lasting time of the Botox injection.

Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure to Skin

You need to protect your skin from sun exposure, particularly after receiving a Botox injection. This will help in increasing the lasting time of the product. You can wear sunscreen, a hat, a long-sleeve shirt or sunglasses.

Skincare routine

A regular skincare routine will boost your skin’s health, which may indirectly increase the lasting time of Botox injection. At first, you need to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day using lukewarm water, then apply toner afterward. Choose products that are designed for your skin type and do not use anything that contains alcohol.

In the evening, cleanse your face again, then apply a good moisturizing cream before going to bed. For those who have oily skin, you need to choose a rich moisturizer that is oil-free. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you need to select a cream that contains natural oils, such as shea butter or jojoba oil.
Since you are not getting enough sleep at night, it is recommended to apply eye cream around your eyes, then lastly, use sunscreen before going out in the morning.


Exercise can improve blood circulation, which means that your cells get all the oxygen and nutrients they need to work better. Moreover, this will help in keeping you away from any diseases. Try not to go to the gym or carry out strenuous activity for a day after you get a filler injection. After a day, you can start exercising but avoid any activities that will make your facial muscles contract, such as weightlifting and running.

Drink plenty of water

Water helps in detoxification and flushing the system, which means that it also helps in removing toxins from your skin.

How long does the Botox treatment session last?

If you are going to visit your dermatologist for a Botox treatment, then you should know that it can take up to 15 minutes. First, you will need to discuss with your doctor the desired result and how long Botox last. Then he will decide where to inject it according to muscle movements. Once this is done, then he will make sure not to affect any muscles around the areas treated.

As soon as possible after treatment, you can return back to normal activities, including exercise, as long as you wear sunscreen since it is known that Botox injections can lower your skin’s immunity.

Does Botox last longer the more you get it?

Not necessarily. This will depend on your individual needs and the number of treated muscles. For example, if you have masseter muscle hypertrophy, then it can be treated with Botox to reduce pain and headache intensity.

The more you get Botox injections, the longer it will last since the muscles responsible for wrinkles will start to decrease. When the muscles are relaxed, wrinkles are much harder to appear. As soon as you stop treatment, it can take up to 6 months for signs of aging to come back.

How long does Botox last for migraines?

Botox is used to treat chronic migraine. The number of migraines suffered by a person can be cut down using Botox injections in the head and neck area. Botox treatment sessions will need to be repeated every three or four months to prevent chronic migraine.


Does Botox make you look older after it wears off?

According to a medical review, you will not look older once the Botox wears off. However, the decrease in facial muscles will only be noticeable as early as two weeks after injections.

Is Botox a substitute for cosmetic surgery?

No, Botox is not intended to replace surgical procedures. If you want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines or change your body shape, then you should consider undergoing surgery instead. However, if you are looking for an alternative to liposuction, then Botox injections can help you.

How long does it take for the results of filler injections to come back?

The results will last up to six months or more for hyaluronic acid fillers, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. To ensure that you are getting the best results, avoid picking your face since it can damage the skin.

Can Botox become less effective over time?

As soon as you stop getting Botox injections, you will start seeing signs of aging again. However, if done correctly, then this treatment becomes more powerful over time. Furthermore, no evidence suggests that getting Botox injections will become less effective over time.

Can Botox be used to treat wrinkles around the mouth?

If you have wrinkles around your mouth, then it can be treated using neuromodulators such as botulinum toxin type A. Getting rid of these wrinkles makes a person look more youthful. Wrinkles caused by facial movements such as talking, laughing, and smiling can be treated with Botox injections.

Can you get rid of crow’s feet?

You can get rid of crow’s feet by injecting Botox into the muscles responsible for making them appear. If you want to prevent or reduce their appearance, then it is advisable to wear sunscreen since it will help stop new wrinkles from forming and reduce those caused by sun exposure.

Is 50 too late for Botox?

No, 50 is not too late for Botox injections. As a matter of fact, age becomes less and less of a factor, especially if you start treating your face earlier before signs of aging appear. It is best to get botulinum toxin type A as soon as possible since prices increase with age.


If you want to look younger and get rid of wrinkles, then Botox is a good option. However, this article is written by an expert, yet you should consult first with your doctor and then choose whether you should go for it or not. Moreover, if you have any questions about the filler injections, then feel free to ask me.
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