How Long Does Straightened Hair Last? [Answered]

People with curly hair love to straighten their hair often. They go for different types of hair straightening treatments like silk press, Brazilian blowout, and Japanese straightening. These treatments affect the hair’s internal structure and make it soft and shiny.

Heat is applied to the hair strands for this purpose, making them strong and healthy. Although these treatments last longer than blowouts, they do not work on every hair type. If one has tried any such treatment before on their hair, they must know how long does straighten hair last.

Stylists usually suggest heat-based straightening treatments for people with wavy or curly hair because it makes their tresses manageable and easy to style. But the main aim of using hot tools is to make your tresses strong and silky. When women use irons that contain more than 400 degrees, the proteins of their hair are altered. Then, this alteration makes it possible to change its structure.

How long does straightened hair last?

A permanent hair straightening can last for 4-6 months. But if the person wants to keep their straightened hair for more than six months, they should opt for reapplication or permanent treatment. Perming or curling your tresses again will give you similar results.

How Long Does Straightened Hair Last

An important tip to note here is that you wash your hair with cold water after getting it done at a salon. This helps in closing the cuticles and keeping them straight. Also, do not use shampoos that contain sulfates as they break down the bonds between hair proteins.

Another important tip is to avoid using curling irons or hot blow dryers, as they can damage your hair. Even if you want curly locks again, try twisting the tresses instead of curling them. The same process can be repeated after a gap of six months if you have straightened your hair for this long.

Permanent heat-based treatments are advisable for those who want their hair in a particular style that they cannot get using other methods. But if you want to switch between curly and sleek styles, it is better to opt for other methods like blowouts, keratin relaxers, and Japanese straightening. All these processes are less time-consuming and give you the same results in a short span of time.

What are types of hair straightening?

There are many hair straightening types that you can adopt for shiny and smooth straight hair. Let’s have a look at the most adopted methods below.

Professional permanent straightening

This is a perm-like process that gives you the exact results as desired. It involves the application of a mixture containing alkaline, followed by neutralization and rinsing to open and swell the cuticles and reduce their negative charge. This is repeated until all scales are opened, and there is no curl left in the hairs.

A soluble formaldehyde-based resin is used to swell the scales during this process, which is later converted into ethylene glycol. The alkaline solution is used for this purpose.
The problem with this method is that it contains carcinogenic chemicals that are harmful to pregnant women and children. To avoid these effects, go for a safer variant like Brazilian blowout treatment, which uses natural products.

Brazilian blowout

This method uses natural products which are not harmful to the hairs or skin of people using it. It is a popular treatment among celebrities who have to look good all the time. The results of this treatment last long and sometimes even up to 3 months. But if you want more permanent effects, you should go for a Japanese straightening treatment.

Japanese Straightening Treatment

Japanese hair straightening is a permanent solution and doesn’t damage your hair if you go for it again after six months. So, instead of taking frequent sessions for this process, try to change your style at least once in six months by using other methods.


If you have a busy life and hardly get time to attend salons, then you can opt for blowouts. Blowouts use heated tools like flat iron and thermal brush, which don’t require multiple applications. The results of this treatment last long and can be refreshed after a gap of three to four months by going in again for a similar session.

How does hair straightening work?

The process of hair straightening has a complete science in it. It is based on the concept of bonds and denaturation. The small molecules of keratin in the hair shafts can be easily separated and locked by applying some chemicals that react with these amino acids and convert them into new straightened bonds.

Here, we had a look at how long does straighten hair last; now, let’s go through how to choose the right hair straightener for yourself:

  • Heat protectant spray: Choosing the right heat protectant is really important. It should be light and not leave any residue on the hairs after use.
  • Ionic technology: This feature adds moisture to your hairs and protects them from damage. The negative ions in this chemical find their way on the surface of the hair and make them frizz-free.
  • Tourmaline plates: Most professional straighteners have smooth tourmaline plates that can remove tangles from your hairs in a single pass without causing any damage to them. This is a must-have feature for everyone who wants long-lasting effects.
  • Titanium plates: Just as tourmaline, titanium plates are also smooth and gentle on your hair. They reduce frizz and damage from the root level to give you long-lasting effects.


How long can a permanent straightening treatment last?

The effects of a permanent straightening could last for 4-6 months. But if you want to keep your hair straight, then reapplication is necessary after six months.

Can perm damaged hair permanently?

Yes, it can permanently damage the hair because it contains chemicals that can permanently damage the hair.

How long does a hair perm last?

The effects of hair straightening last for 4-6 months only, after which you should go for an application again to retain your smooth and shiny tresses.

Does perm damage the hair?

Permanent straightening damages the hair because it contains chemicals like sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide that can damage the hair.

How long does Japanese straightening treatment last?

The effects of Japanese straightening can last for 3-6 months, but if you want more lasting effects, then opting for the second session is necessary.

How long does thermal reconditioning treatment last?

The effects of this treatment could last for around three to four months only. After 4-5 months, the second session requires getting attractive, smooth, and shiny hair.


The best hair straightener for your needs should have the aforesaid features to give you long-lasting effects. This will save your time and spare you from visiting salons frequently, which is really beneficial in this busy life.

If desired results are what you’re looking for, Japanese hair straightening would be a great option. It is preferred because it not only gives your hair a sleek and shiny look but also enhances the beauty of your face by keeping them away from humidity for a longer time.



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