Leoaprd OverLand

Leopard Courier Overland Service

When you are running a business that requires frequent transportation of bulky goods then it becomes very necessary to find a courier service that is not only fast and secure but also reliable and affordable. This is the situation where Leopard Courier Overland service comes in.

As you know that Leopard has many courier services and all of them are secure and fast so this service is also one of the best services of LCS.

This cargo service is for those business owners who want to send and receive a cargo of more than 10 kilograms. So you are covered with LCS Overland service and there is no need to be anxious about your transportation issues.

And moreover, you can track your Overland shipments online, just go to the Leopard tracking page and track it.

What is Leopard Courier Overland Service?

Leoaprd OverLand

Overland is a service from Leopard that is for business owners and customers who want to send bulky goods all across Pakistan. The service is starting with 10 KG of parcel weight so you need to send at least 10 kilograms of a good from one place to another if you want to use this service,

The shipping time is only 72 hours after you submit a booking. In this short time, your parcel will be delivered to your destination.

Benefits of Leopard Courier Overnight Service

There are numerous benefits of using LCS Overnight. Here are some of them:

  • Once you book your shipment, your package will be delivered in just 72 hours
  • This is the best solution for those who want to send heavy-weight shipments from one city to another city in Pakistan
  • Your parcel is secure and safe so you don’t have to worry about these things
  • The prices or charges for courier service are very affordable so even if you are running a small business, you can get this service for your business needs
  • You can track your parcel once it is dispatched from the warehouse to know the location of your cargo and the estimated delivery time

What are the Rates per KG for Sending Cargo with Overland Service?

AreasWeight of PackageChargesEach Add. KG
Zone A10 KGRs. 300Rs. 30
Zone B10 KGRs. 400Rs. 40
Zone C10 KGRs. 600Rs. 60
Zone D10 KGRs. 800Rs. 80
Zone E10 KGRs. 1000Rs. 100


Who should use Leopard Overnight service?

If you are a small business owner or if you are willing to send a parcel that is equal to or more than 10 kilograms in weight then you should use LCS Overnight service.

Is there any insurance for cargo delivery?

The normal delivery is not included with any insurance however if you want to get safe insurance then you can ask about it.

How to know where my Overland parcel is?

You will get a tracking number to track your shipment. Use that tracking number and track it using this website. You can track it anytime and you will get all the details instantly.

What is the time period for Overnight packages?

When you are using this service, your package will be delivered within 72 hours. So this is the fast and most affordable solution for your courier needs.

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