Leopard Courier Service in Pakistan

Leopard Courier Service

Leopard Courier Service was established in 1983 in Pakistan. Leopard is offering courier services both in Pakistan and internationally.

The company is empowering the latest facility which ensures fast and reliable service. The company also has its own fleet of vehicles to ensure the timely delivery of consignments.

Leopard Courier Tracking Service has a wide network of offices and agents across Pakistan and around the world. The company provides a wide range of services including express delivery, airfreight, sea freight, land transport, warehousing, and distribution.

Leopard is offering quality services and it is also ISO 9001:2000 certified. Leopard Courier Service has also been awarded the “Best Courier Company in Pakistan” by the Pakistan government.

The company’s vision is to be the leading courier company in Pakistan and to provide world-class services to its customers. The company’s mission is to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective courier services.

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What is Courier and Logistics Service?

Courier and logistics services are those that deliver parcels, consignments, packages, and other goods from one location to another. This can include transport by land, air, or sea, as well as storage and distribution of the goods once they arrive at their destination.

Courier and logistics companies often work together to provide a complete service to their clients, ensuring that the goods arrive safely and on time.

In Pakistan, we can see many logistics and courier services like M&G and TCS, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Leopard specializes in small packages and it can deliver consignments overnight as well. It also focuses on larger shipments and has the infrastructure to handle such deliveries. So Leopard is a combination of both types of deliveries.

How to Track Leopard Consignments?

Tracking your consignment is very crucial. If you are waiting for a parcel or package, and it has been dispatched from the vendor then you should track it from time to time.

The process of tracking the consignment is very easy and you can read the detailed guide on tracking the consignment if you want to know how to track it in detail.

Leopard Courier Services List

There are many Leopard courier services in Pakistan. Below are the details of each delivery service.

1) Mera Time Delivery

Mera Time Delivery is one of the best services from Leopard. In this service, Leopard is offering to send your consignments according to your preferred time. Yes, you have to manage the time and terms so it is very good.

You can send your shipment to 14 major cities in Pakistan as follows:

  1. Karachi
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Multan
  5. Sahiwal
  6. Sialkot
  7. Gujranwala
  8. Rawalpindi
  9. Sukkur
  10. Quetta
  11. Islamabad
  12. Sargodha
  13. Lahore,
  14. Peshawar

Here is the detail of shipment timing slots

Shipment Timing Slots
08:00 AM to 10:00 AM
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
12:00 PM to 14:00 PM
02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
08:00 PM to 10:00 PM

2) Bill Payment Service

The next service is the bill payment service. If you want to pay your utility bill then you can pay through Leopard express.

Now you don’t need to stand in long queues at banks because you can pay your utility bills easily with Leopard services.

Here are the bills that you can pay:

  • Electricity bills
  • Gas bills
  • Water and sewerage bills
  • PTCL bills
  • Mobile recharge bills

3) Leopard Bulao

If you don’t want to visit the Leopard express center but you still want to send a parcel then no worry at all. You can use the service “Leopard Bulao” and the rest of the work will be done by Leopard.

However, all you have to do is fill out an online form here and request shipping details.

4) Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on Delivery is an amazing service for online retailers and e-commerce store owners. You can grow your business nationwide without investing in advertisements. Leopard is offering a very secure and convenient COD service that you can use without any issues. They have over 1500 destinations all across Pakistan and you can receive your money in 3 days only.

5) eFulfillment

Are you worried about the warehouse and do you have no time to set up a warehouse yet? Don’t be sad because, with Leopard eFulfillment service, you can store your products in Leopard’s warehouse. The team of leopards will pack and deliver the products so you don’t even need to worry about packaging and shipping.

6) Giftwifts

If you want to send a gift to your loved ones anywhere in Pakistan like a cake on their birthday or a pack of flowers or perfume then leave it to Leopard. With Giftwifts you can send gifts to your family or relatives all over Pakistan easily.

7) Overnight

With Overnight service, you can send any parcel or consignment just in one night. If you schedule a shipment today, then your parcel would be delivered the very next day or overnight.

WeightLocalWithin Same ZoneDifferent Zone
Up to 500 GramsRs.140Rs.200Rs.280
Up to 1 KgRs.190Rs.260Rs.340
Each Additional 500 GramsRs.95Rs.130Rs.170

8) Overland

This is good news for the people of Pakistan who are running a business and they need to send some heavy parcels frequently. If you are a businessman and you need to send or receive bulky packages that are more than 10 kg on daily basis then Leopard Overland Service is what you need right now.

If you are using Overland service then you can send your consignments within 72 hours from one city to another city in Pakistan. But you need to send at least 10 kilograms of the parcel in order to use the Overland service.

9) Leopard Box

If you are looking for a service that can deliver your fragile packages with 100% care and security then Leopard Box is one of them. Leopard Courier has introduced services that can deliver fragile packages like smartphones, glass goods, ceramic goods, or any other thing that is fragile. So go ahead and deliver your package today without any worry.

10) Flyer Express

If you need to send some confidential documents to another place then you can use the Flyer Express service. Leopard will deliver your confidential documents safely and it is quick as well.

11) Warehousing & Distribution

Are you going to open an e-commerce store and do you want storage? Worry not as LCS has Warehousing & Distribution services. With this service, you can get storage and fulfillment services for your e-store.

12) Economy

Leopard Courier Services are for everyone. No matter what type of service you need LCS has everything to cover your needs. When it comes to the Economy then this is a service that offers your lowest courier charges all over Pakistan. Get your orders or send them with the lowest fee that you can pay today.

13) International

As the name suggests that this service is for sending or receiving parcels in other countries. With over 2200 international pickup centers, Leopard can deliver your packages anywhere in the world. So if you need to send heavy packages you can send them with this service.

14) Ministry of Foriegn Affiars (MOFA)

In Pakistan, students need to attest their college degrees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and that’s why they need to travel on their own with their degrees to attest them from official authorities that are located in Islamabad.

So now you can send those important degrees or any other important document via the LCS service. Leopard will deliver your documents to the authorities and bring them back to you with 100% security and assurance. You can also attest other important documents like NikahNama, Birth Certificates, Driving Licenses, B. Forms, and any other important document you want.

15) Print & Mail

Last but not least, Print & Mail is a service for business owners. You can get printing services as well with LCS. Just send the details that you want to print and LCS will deliver it to you. With the latest printing machinery, LCS is able to print all kinds of memos, invoices, and much more.

Why is Leopard the Best in Pakistan?

Leopard Courier Service is the best in Pakistan because of its quality service, convenient locations, and affordable prices.

Quality service:

Leopard Courier Service offers different kinds of courier services that are available for both commercial and domestic users. These services include express delivery, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and door-to-door delivery.

Convenient locations:

Leopard Courier Service has a wide network of branches and offices across Pakistan, making it convenient for customers to send and receive their courier parcels.

Affordable prices:

Leopard Courier Service offers very cheap prices and charges when it comes to parcel delivery. You can send parcels as low as under 200 Rupees from one city to another.

How does Leopard Courier Service do the Shipment of a Parcel?

Sending a shipment has many ways and methods. Gone are the days when one had to wait for months to get their parcels delivered from one country to another.

Now, there are various modes of transportation that have made it possible to get parcels delivered within days or weeks. Amongst all the options available, Leopard Courier Service is the best way to get your parcels delivered on time.

Leopard Courier Service is a leading international courier company that offers door-to-door delivery of parcels and documents to over 220 countries and territories around the world. The company has a wide network of offices and partners that allow it to provide an efficient and reliable service to its customers.


Leopard courier service is one of the most convenient services in Pakistan. You can make an account with Leopard and start selling your goods online today. With this logistic and courier service, you can expand your business all over Pakistan.

So if you want to know anything about Leopard services then you are welcome to ask anything in the comment section. Also, you can send an email with your queries.

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  1. “I have been using Leopard Courier Service for quite some time now, and I must say, their reliability and efficiency have never failed to impress me. Whether it’s sending important documents or valuable packages, I trust Leopard to handle it with utmost care and deliver it promptly to its destination. Their courteous staff and excellent customer service make the whole experience even more pleasant. It’s reassuring to know that my shipments are in safe hands, and I can always count on Leopard to get the job done right. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a dependable courier partner.

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