Leopards Courier Pakistan

Leopards Courier Pakistan – LCS Introduction

Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. is a courier company in Pakistan. It has various types of courier services that you can use to send and receive parcels all over Pakistan. There are many other courier service providers in Pakistan but Leopard is one of the best due to fast delivery, economy rates, and security of packages.

Leopards is also very famous for Leopards Tracking because this is an online service to track LCS parcels online. So with this feature, any customer can scan or trace his consignment anytime online.

This is an article all about Leopard Courier and you will get to know about the history of Leopard and everything related to Leopard Courier.

History of Leopards Courier Pakistan

Leopards Courier Pakistan

Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1983 by Mian Jehangir Shahid. The start of this business was very simple and it was only a letter and document delivery service at that time. Leopard took his start from Karachi and at that time there were only 5 express centers that worked for delivering documents and letters.

It was a dream of Mian Jehangir Shahid who is the CEO of Leopard that they can build a courier company that can deliver anything from letters to bulky machines. However, in the initial days, Leopard had to face many problems due to a lack of experience in logistics and courier services.

Because it was the first company that started in Pakistan and in the 1980s, Pakistan was not as educated as it is today. However, with strong determination and persistent in quality service, Mian Jehangir Shahid was able to expand his business from
5 express centers to 700+ express centers in Pakistan. This is a huge success and Leopard is growing day by day.

Here is the complete information on Leopard evolution throughout the decades.

1983Company founded in Karachi
1985-86Only 50 employees were working in the company
1993Leopard build his first official office in Pakistan
1995Leopard introduced the online services
1999LCS introduced a cargo service
2000Leopard build more than 1300 offices
2002Leopard got the first air cargo aircraft AN26
2004Delivery of 2KG to 25KG with box introduced
2007Barcode scan technology offered for customers
2008Offered printing services
2014Document attestation service launched
2015Got 6500 employees
2017Renewed the brand logo
2018-19Rizwan Saddat win the award for 100 best CEO

Future Goals of Leopards Courier PK

Leopard is very determined when it comes to offering high-quality courier services. The company has already gained over 700+ offices all across Pakistan and over 6500 employees that are still increasing day by day.

The future goals of LCS are offering more courier services along with affordable prices. LCS wants to expand its business internationally and offer world-class services.

Leopard has already gained success as it has its own branded Boeing 737-300 cargo Aircraft that can deliver parcels all over the world. There are over 15 different services including warehousing solutions and printing. So in the future, you will see Leopard achieve a new milestone of success for sure.


Who is the CEO of Leopard?

Mian Jehangir Shahid was the CEO of Leopard when it was founded in 1983.

What does Leopards PK mean?

PK stands for Pakistan and it means Leopard Pakistan. Leopard is a Pakistani courier company so it is called Leopards PK.

How can I apply for LCS jobs?

You can contact LCS with the official email “customerservice@leopardscourier.com” and send your CV and other required things.

Is Leopard offering service outside of Pakistan?

Yes, Leopard services are international services so you can use them to send packages out of Pakistan or vice versa.

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